Being vs Becoming

So many of set goals, put steps in place to reach our goals, and then allow ourselves to be distracted and move off course.  Regardless of the type of goals you have set (spiritual, career/ education, health/weight loss, completing a task, finishing a project, mastering a pose,) they all require zealous effort, in each and every moment, as each of a series of transformations take place.   

Being is not static, but like the heating water... it is a moment in present time, in a certain state or condition, and from which, if we continue to add the flame of zealous practice, like a Bunsen burner under a retort, suddenly another state will emerge, as if by magical transformation. We perceive only the sequence of these transformations in time, which is why we are caught in the illusion of becoming, instead of just being, and then being again, and being again, separately but transformatively, ad infinitum, like the stills of an old silent film, until the story reaches its conclusion and, hopefully, its happy ending.
— Light on Life by BKS Iyengar

In a recent blog and video for business owners, my friend Mike spoke about the results of taking 31 days of purposeful action.  Much like Iyengar, he speaks about the results he received when he spent 31 days making consistent efforts to reach his goals.  At the end of the month, the several small transformations, a result of steady effort, lead to a big result.

I'm approaching another birthday, and the whole world seems to be reminding me to start being, and stop worrying about becoming.  With that in mind,  I will rededicate myself to my practice with zeal and enthusiasm.   Here are the daily steps that I plan to take during February 2016 and beyond.

  1. Being a daily meditator (this has been a life changer for me)
  2. Being a person who practices self care (increased daily water, walking, healthy choices)
  3. Being a yogi who spends time in asana (poses), reading yoga texts, or writing daily

By being a person who practices these steps daily, little transformations may feel like something big by the end of the month.  The zeal and momentum must continue to make a transformation rather than temporary changes.  

What goals  have you been meaning to reach?  What do you need to start being?  Transformation takes steady zeal and effort, but it is well worth the time invested.  Stop becoming and start being, and being again, and being again...

Namaste - Beth