All a Matter of Perspective

Many people who view the Yoga Rope Wall for the first time approach it as either a jungle gym or a midievil torture device.    I have observed both fear and childish excitement in my students.  I see the Yoga Rope Wall is a wonderful tool that can be used to transform your practice through support, length, and alignment, but it's all a matter of perspective.  

The Yoga Rope Wall offers length during inverted backbends.

The Yoga Rope Wall offers length during inverted backbends.

Much of our regular practice is also a matter of perspective.  One person's favorite pose is another's worst nightmare.  The "perfect" pose one day may be a source of struggle the next.  The key in yoga is to find mental and physical balance and ease, even during the difficult times.

I would like to offer the idea that the same applies to our lives.  A rain storm during your jog may be a cooling treat or something that brings sorrow and pain.  A traffic jam may offer an unavoidable moment of solitary peace, or an anxiety ridden obstruction.  Perspective changes everything.  

Every day both on and off the mat, the choice is yours.  Every moment is what you make of it. Here are a few ways to start.

1. Think of your least favorite yoga pose.  We all have one, that one that makes you want to run to child's pose every time.  

2. Observe the way your body reacts when this pose comes up in your practice (or when you think about it).  Notice if you have any unnecessary tension (maybe shoulders or jaw), and try to release it.

3.  Observe the negative thoughts that may go through your head.  Don't judge the thoughts, but acknowledge them and release them.  Don't dwell on them.

4.  Notice any changes in the patterns of your breath.  Try to return it to normal.

5. Notice if #2, 3 & 4 help to improve your experience in the pose.  If not, allow yourself to come out early without judgement.

You may have some of the same reactions during your daily life.  If you feel negatively about a certain situation or person, observe if you are having some of the same physical responses.  Try to soften your responses without judging them.  It is all a matter of perspective.  If you can change your responses in a situation, you can begin to have a whole new experience.  The choice is yours, and it's all a matter of perspective.        

Namaste - Beth