January 2018


Happy New Year 2018! Although you may already have big plans for the New Year, some of us are still getting clear on our goals, intentions and ambitions. The  bigger we dream, the higher we reach, but dreaming alone won't get us very far.  Results require action, so I was thrilled to discover the ACTION formula. Use these steps any time you're looking to create something new in your life.

A – Accessible - When setting your intention/goal, make sure it will force you to grow while still being within reach.  I recommend setting a goal just outside what you think is achievable.

C – Clearly Stated and Concise - State your goal/intention clearly in a way that avoids the possibility of misinterpretation.   

T – Towards and Timed - Make your goals/intentions something you're moving toward will keep it positive.  Keeping regularly scheduled times to check in will help keep you accountable.   

 I – Impassioned - Make it something you're excited about.  If you're emotionally connected to your goal/intention, it will be easier to keep yourself on track.

O – Organic - Is your goal/intention in line with your values? Is it natural for you?  Setting goals in line with your core beliefs/values will help to keep you motivated.  

N – As if Now - State your goal/intention as if it were already a reality.  Write it down, and revisit it regularly.

  New Offerings

  1. Beginning Saturday January 6, I'll be teaching the winter Sun Salutations at The Yoga Place in Ephrata  between 9:15-10:15 am in Studio B. Expect to practice healthy alignment, intentional movement, and optional inversions.   
  2. This year, I'll be directing Create Karma's wellness program, AWE (Accessible Wellness for Everybody). Expect to learn from wellness leaders from across the country while developing a plan to optimize your own well-being. This year's participants will receive a coaching call with me between each of our sessions.

   Save the Date

  1. On February 10 from 1-3, I'll be hosting a workshop, Daily Self Care (Establish a Routine with Yoga’s Sister Science, Ayurveda).  This is an introductory level class & no experience is necessary. Yoga Teachers will receive 2 hours Continuing Education Credits. Feel free to contact me with questions.
  2. On March 10 from 1-3, I'll be hosting a workshop, The Magic of Letting Go (Practices for letting go of stress and difficult emotions ). This class will include easy yoga poses for the hips and shoulders, breathing exercises, journaling and discussion. Yoga Teachers will receive 2 hours Continuing Education Credits. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Thank you for continuing to support your own wellness through my classes, workshops and other offerings.  Feel free to reach out if you're not sure which class is right for you.  Stay well in 2018 & I'll see you in class!

Beth Martin, E-RYT 200, RYT-500, YACEP

email:  bethmartinyoga@yahoo.com