Namaste - Does Everyone Really Have a Light?

"Does everyone really have a light?  What about my ex and murderers?  Do they really have a light?"

Ahh, the frequently quoted phrase at the end of yoga classes.  Yoga teachers frequently end class something like, "namaste, the light in me honors the light in you".  This is appreciated by most students, but has left one of my students questioning the light in some folks that they've met.  I'll attempt to respond.

I like this definition of namaste  

I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides, I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you where, if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us
— Ram Das

So yes, my answer is that light, or place is in everyone, but not everyone resides in that place.  It may be very well hidden.  Yoga, spiritual practices, and meditation are just a few ways to connect with that place.  Not everyone resides in that place, although many of us are attempting to spend most of our time in that space.  

Until the next time - Namaste