Testosterone Infused Yoga

Not everyone feels comfortable stepping into their first class at a yoga studio.  Several people enjoy trying videos in the privacy of their own home, and the business of yoga is proof.  Yoga is now a $27 billion dollar industry accoring to this link from Yoga Journal.  With all of this money involved, how do we lead people to a genuine practice that they will come to love as much as we do?

Several non-yoga practicing American men that I've run into have had an introduction to yoga through P90x.  I have to say that I like the initial message that P90X delivers.   

P90X has gotten many people to try yoga as a part of an overall fitness program.  That is not unlike being introduced to yoga at my local gym for the first time.  Once I got started, the mental benefits had me hooked.  The cons are that the P90X series may be a little too challenging for the novice.  It offers arm balances with little to no instruction, and has turned many of my aquaintances off to the idea of ever trying yoga again.

Another popular yoga video is the DDP Yoga series by former pro WWE wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page.  I actually like this video better, because he does such a great job of offering modifications and offers longer holds.  It's lacking the mind-body connection of my favorite classes, but I think it's a great  initial "guy's yoga" option for those who are unlikely to try a class in a yoga studio.  

Men and women, these fitness based yoga videos and classes can be a great place to start.  Consider the fact that there is a wide variety of yoga available, and try a few!  After 14 years of practice, my yoga has expanded in new ways.  I love a slow flowing vinyasa class, a restorative yin class, an alignment oriented hatha class, and yoga on the rope wall.  

I urge you to celebrate the wide variety of yoga that is available.  If you're doing a video that does not include a rest, please take some time to do a brief meditation or lay down on your mat in savasana before starting the rest of your day.

Namaste - Beth