Loving Kindness Meditation


As a yoga teacher and ayurvedic wellness coach, I have experienced the benefits of meditation in myself and my students. One of my favorite is the practice of Metta Meditation (loving kindness meditation). This practice is based in the buddhist philosophy that all beings need and deserve loving kindness. I believe that all religions support this idea, and it is a practice that can be practiced by everyone.

You may begin exactly where you are, although I do suggest taking a moment to be in a comfortable seat. That may mean on a blanket, cushion or chair. Alternately, you could practice this meditation laying down (as long as you can stay awake). I’d invite you to start and/or end your day with loving kindness for one week and notice how you feel.

I would like to acknowledge the teachings of Sharon Salzberg. Her teachings were vital in my falling in love with this practice. I would also like to say a special thank you to my bhai (little brother) in Nepal, Shakti. You demonstrate loving kindness in your actions every day. Thanks to my mother for encouraging me to put out this recording. Several months ago, she asked for a meditation and said she preferred for it to be in my voice. I responded by sending her a meditation that someone else recorded. Thanks also to my friend Katie, who inspired me by recording a relaxing yoga nidra for her students.