"Want to be this happy?" This was the tag line of an advertisement for a microwavable single serving cake.  A woman was pictured smiling as she indulged in the chocolate treat. The commercial really caused me to think, isn't happiness much more complete when we can find it within ourselves and others, rather than as a result of a product?  

Truly happy moments are not the result of a product or location. True happiness comes when we are able to drop the drama of the past, worry for the future, and really experience the present moment (which may still involve a slice of chocolate cake, but the cake isn't actually causing the happiness). Why are we so reluctant to drop worry and negativity if happiness waits on the other side?

We all have habitual behavior patterns (samskara) that may be keeping us from being truly in the present moment. Sometimes we rationalize these patterns because they are familiar to us. Do any of these thought patterns sound familiar?     

  • If I really analyze this situation, I can stop it from reoccurring. 
  • If I think about that really good time, I can avoid what I'm feeling right now.
  • If I worry, I'll never have a bad surprise.
  • I show I care by worrying.
  • Worrying motivates me.

Yoga, meditation, ayurveda and self study can help us break up old behavior patterns while creating new, healthy habits. I am excited to be a part of Create Karma 2018.  I will be leading the wellness group, AWE.  These people will be gaining tools to find wellness through group workshops, small group work, and individual coaching.  LEAP participants will be acquiring their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificates & learning to become wellness leaders. MEET participants will be mentoring others through their journeys while earning a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate. We will all be creating new healthy habits, becoming more present, and experiencing some true happiness.  We start on Friday, April 6, so click here to start your journey.