Mindful Pause

As I share the journey of a lifetime with my family, I am reminded of the value of taking by the time to just be in the moment.  Many of us have so much but experience so little.  There is such a difference between doing something and being fully present. 

I was traveling by ferry between Athens and Mykonos when a woman asked me to move from the boats railing so she could have a photo taken. I obliged, but upon observation wondered if she was really experiencing the beauty of the moment in the same way. The warm breeze in her hair, the sun on her face, the beauty of the sea and distant land.  She was smiling, but was she really there?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to stop documenting my trip with photos, but I am reminded of my commitment to find balance.    We may all take the time to have a full experience instead of just documenting it, because that mindful pause is really what makes a moment special. 

One way to find that balance takes a 30 day commitment to yourself. Make sure to find at least one mindful pause in your daily life and journal about your experience.