I love teaching new students.  I love introducing people of all ages and ability levels to a yoga practice or yoga wall class.  I love the positive energy that is shared during the classes.  Many students express some kind of uncertainty before their initial yoga experience.  Common themes include I'm not flexible enough, I'll get bored, I'm afraid to stand on my head, or the other students will laugh or stare at me.  A good teacher and the right studio will be able to calm all of these fears and more.  Sometimes people say they tried yoga once, and it was too hard, or too easy.  There are many styles of yoga, and not every practice is right for ever person on every day.  A good yoga class leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.  Explore your options until you find the class that makes you feel great.

As you become more familiar with yoga, a truly advanced student will be able to stop comparing themselves to the person practicing next to them.  They will be able to turn inward.  They take the teacher's ques, observe and control their breath, take precise movements, and find comfort and stillness.  I tell you this to encourage you to make the practice about yourself, BE SELFISH, because after you help yourself, you can be there for others in a more complete way.  Sometimes I feel guilty for leaving my family to study with a favorite teacher for an hour, but I always come back as a better and more engaged wife, mother, sister and friend.  Being in touch with your true nature will help yourself & those around you.

As I look back, I have to say that there was something special about my first yoga teacher.  At the time, I was totally obsessed with weight lifting, kickboxing, and intense aerobics.  Still, there was something special in her class that drew me to the practice.  Next came David Swenson's video series.   The videos taught me how to establish a home practice, which supported several intense physical activities like wake boarding and running a marathon.  Several years later, there was the teacher who first made me appreciate the subtle qualities of the practice.  During one particular class (several years later),  I felt a strong connection with the day's practice.  I placed my hands to my head, made eye contact with the teacher, and bowed.  At that moment, something had changed, I had become a yogi.  I begin to explore yoga philosophy and practiced almost every day.  Sharing these moments with students is my passion.  If you are looking for physical or mental support, a yoga practice may just surprise you by doing both.  Join me, or any yoga class that feels supportive and enjoyable.  Practice on and off the mat.  

Namaste - Beth